CLICKON Studios teamed up with Y&R Memphis to produce Faces Of The Fleet. When most people think of the Navy, they see ships, jets and advanced technology. They rarely see people, the ones who know the real meaning of Navy life.


How do we shift focus from technology to real and raw stories of our men and women in uniform – inside their real environments. How do we inspire a new generation of men and women to consider a career in the United States Navy?


An episodic series where we invited the viewer into an intimate and personal connection with sailors every month. After watching, our audience gained an understanding of what life is truly like inside America’s Navy. These captivating stories also served as a teaching tool, boosting the Navy’s recruiting capabilities.

The overarching theme is FORGED BY THE SEA. Faces Of The Fleet is an intimate, first-person look into the lives of sailors and how exploring and protecting the world – in only the way the Navy can – forged them into the pillars of the communities they live in today.



Jesse Iwuji is a sensation in the racing community, being the first active duty armed forces member to compete in NASCAR, and one of only a handful of African American drivers. He discovered his love for motorsport in his 20’s while stationed in San Diego as a Surface Warfare Officer. His story is a reminder that anything is possible in life with the right mindset.


Born and raised in Dunn, North Carolina, Michael Ivey is from a long line of farmers. He grew up on a sweet potato farm in a low-key town where no one was ever encouraged to live a life out of the ordinary. The last person from the Ivey family to voluntarily enlist in the Armed Forces was a distant relative who fought the War of 1812. How could this young man possibly escape the mundane of rural America to become a hero of his country?


The motto of the Air Rescue Swimmers (AIRRs)  is “So Others May Live.” We meet the heroic AIRR who is carrying this motto into other aspects of his life including feeding San Diego’s homeless population and helping underprivileged children. This is the story of Jamison Ware, an enigmatic young Sailor who is living a life of total unselfishness.



After joining the United States Navy at 18, in an attempt to bring stability and structure to his unsteady life, Lieutenant Aric McGee began building his future. Coming out of a rocky childhood riddled with frequent moves, constant school transfers, and no real father figure, Aric found himself associating with unscrupulous peers. The Navy offered him an opportunity to change his life for the better. This is the incredible story of Lieutenant Aric “Boogie” McGee, who elevated himself from Aircraft Electrician to Pilot for Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 49.


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