An Original Documentary.

Love, friendship & sacrifice. “For the love of the ball”.

About Bola

Bola is a truly incredible story and a testament to the hard work, love, and sacrifice of CLICKON’s documentary filmmakers.

The multi-award winning short film would go on to propel CLICKON Studios on its journey to creating some of the worlds most compelling documentary content.

Street soccer fosters some of the most intimate and passionate communities in all of sport and is played in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Players and teams come from all walks of life but one team in particular, from gang-torn downtown Los Angeles had something special. It wasn’t just about the sport or the team, it was about something much greater: family.


A Remarkable Journey

Our filming spanned more than eight months, following Jesus and the Bola team all across North America as they competed in local and national tournaments.

Only by spending significant amounts of time with them did our creative teams truly uncover how special and unique their bond was. Street soccer was more than just a sport, it was an entire way of life.


The Bola Trailer:

The Official Film:





– 5 Awards

Individual Bola Profiles: Ed Van Gils

Individual Bola Profiles: Jesus

Individual Bola Profiles: Tiago Saint Clair

Individual Bola Profiles: Pollo

Individual Bola Profiles: Gilbert

Individual Bola Profiles: Times Square, NYC



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