In 2017, big wave surfer and RedBull athlete Andrew Cotton fell off a 70ft wave competing in Nazare, Portugal.

Suffering a broken back and multiple injuries, the story of his rehabilitation and journey ‘back into the water’ is a truly inspirational story.

This is a partnership between General Tire, Initiative & CLICKON Media.

The Brief

How could General Tire UK access an audience segment increasingly hard to reach across traditonal media channels? How could they inspire, influence and raise awareness of the importance of tire choice to consumers across the UK? How could they make the message stick and create excitement around a traditionally ‘unsexy’ product?

The Campaign

Analysis by CLICKON Social LABS showed the target audience had a strong affinity to outdoors and surfing, further validated by testing. With a focus on human storytelling, our Studios team developed a narrative and micro-documentary format around Andrew Cotton and his accident. Centered around his road and ‘journey’ to recovery, this was a perfect story to align with the GT brand and one that was human, relatable and inspiring.


The campaign encompassed  ‘Always On’ assets for every digital channel alongside targeted and re-targeted distribution spanning both GT social channels and CLICKON’s digital network ‘The Versed’.


Total Views: 300k+

Viewability: 100%

Sentiment: 99% +ve

CTR: 5,100 clicks to GT site

Age: 32-44 most engaged age range

Time Spent: Over 2m32s on site

Brand Uplift: 19% Increase in brand awareness

Features across Evening Standard and multiple UK news outlets.

‘ALWAYS ON’ Content

We delivered story-based content in formats for every single channel.

Read the full supporting native article HERE.

The Trailer


The Main Film

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